About Us

Technology brings us constantly beautiful, but also complex products: simple from the outside, complex from the inside. The flow of innovations makes it challenging to keep an overview. Which device meets your needs? Are those reviews about them real? Are the specifications correct? In short: how do you make the right choice? Xclusive Byte as an independent expert offers these solutions.

Xclusive Byte exist to brings you Tech Tips, News, Gadget Reviews and Internet techniques. We cover all the aspect of Technology for both abroad and inside Nigeria. It's Our main objective to keep publishing great content that is worthy to be used as reference across the internet.

Our community now consists of more than half a million readers with one big passion. Together with that community, contributors and editors, we can critically view technology. We test ourselves among other things laptops, smartphones, tablets, games. We are curious about every detail so that we can compare products well and share our knowledge, freely accessible and available everywhere. This way we help you to choose and get the most out of your purchase.

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