Download PUBG: New State in India


PUBG: New State is now available on iOS and Android devices. A trailer was also released as part of the launch. Pre-registration is now open. The latest game is a battle royale game in the vein of PUBG Mobile, but it takes place in the year 2051. The trailer gives everyone a taste of the graphics and gameplay, and it fits the same theme of a hundred people battling for life. Of course, the game is won by the last man standing.

The game is not available in India because the Indian government has banned it due to its links to Chinese companies and the government. Many other games with links to Chinese companies have been shadow banned in India, in addition to PUBG Mobile.

If you check for PUBG New State on the Play Store, you'll see an error message saying that the game isn't available in India.

This Item is Not Available in your Country.

How to Download and Install PUBG New State in India?

While the game's APK and OBB files are available for download, you can experience installation issues. The method outlined below will allow you to install the App as a single file.

Step 1. Download Aurora Store

Aurora Store is available for download on your mobile device. The Aurora Store is a stripped-down version of the Google Play Store that runs on any Android device. The Lite App Store is a free and open-source client for the Play Store API that allows you to download applications from Play Store servers.

Step 2. Download

Download from Play Store. is a Cloudflare DNS that retrieves the first input data from 3rd party servers while evading local servers this links the Aurora Store to Cloudflare DNS. The DNS will not slow down your internet connection.

Proxy and DNS are different in terms, proxy collects all the data from 3rd party servers while DNS catches the server response.

Step 3. Install Aurora

On your mobile computer, download the Aurora Store. You can mask your identity by using Anonymous Aurora Gmail. Using your G-account could violate Google's terms of service, so it's best to use a disposable Google account provided by the store. The app will create an API and provide you with a user interface close to that of the Play Store.

Step 3. Connect with

Open the Cloudflare App and combine it with WARP. The connection to WARP will take a few seconds. When linked, your data is encrypted and routed via Cloudflare's safe servers.

Step 4. Download PUBG New State from Aurora

Now go to the Aurora Store and look for PUBG: New Condition there (the game is not available yet, once available you can download it right away). The game will be downloaded with all package files and installed directly on your mobile device, removing the need for a SAI installer and the hassle of dealing with Software installation errors and OBB installation.

The app will ask for security permissions to install from unknown sources when you install the game.

In settings just enable the installation from unknown sources for Aurora Store.

Done! you can install the game and play it on your Android mobile for free without any errors or OBB file complexity.

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