How to Watch Wonder Woman 1984 Outside USA on Android and iOS


After countless delays, Wonder Woman 1984 is destined to release on 25th December 2020. Now it's a bit of a bummer for all DC fans outside the US. As of now, Wonder Woman 1984 will only be released in US theaters and as an exclusive HBO Max. It literally means that as of now, it's just the US. But there's still a solution for the Internet. So, here's how to watch Wonder Woman 1984 outside the US on December 25th.

Basically, we'd need two things to watch Wonder Woman in 1984:

  • VPN
  • HBO Max

Free VPN apps like ProtonVPN will not work with HBO Max. So we'd need a paid VPN app. There's a lot to choose from but I'd prefer SurfShark VPN. It works in most situations, and it's the cheapest of all.

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Next, HBO Max needs you to sign up to watch content. HBO Max recently canceled a 7-day trial before Wonder Woman was launched in 1984. That's why you'd need a US credit card to sign up for $14.99. We're going to see how to circumvent that in this post. First let's start with Android.

How to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on Android

It's pretty easy to download and install HBO Max from the Play Store on Android. We're going to have to change our country in the Google Play Store to the United States. It's pretty easy to do. Go to the Play Store, press the Menu button, and pick Account. Tap the nation on the Account page and change it to the United States.

After you've changed your country to the United States, download the VPN app of your choosing. I'm using the Surfshark VPN app for this case. Change your country to a random U.S. server in the VPN app.

Install the Android Surfshark VPN app

Now that you've linked to the U.S. VPN server, install the HBO Max software. First, open your app.

Normally, the HBO Max would open without asking for any subscription or sign-in requests. You'd have to switch to the "Profile" tab and press the Subscribe Now button to sign up.

Enter your name, email ID, and other information on the subscription page. When you press the Build Account button, you will be asked for payment information, specifically the payment method used by Google. Luckily, if you use Google Payment, HBO Max doesn't search the specifics of your card. You can then use any credit card in any country to sign up to HBO Max.

A month's subscription to HBO Max will cost you $14.99 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time in the Google Play Store app.

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How to Watch Wonder Woman 1984 on iOS

Similar to Android, we need to update our Apple ID country to install HBO Max. However unlike Android, it's pretty easy for Apple to change the country on the App Store. Go to the App Store, tap Settings > View Apple ID > Country/Region. Keep the payment method to None while changing your App Store country. If you're puzzled, go to our comprehensive article on How to Change the App Store Country on iOS 14.

Once you've changed your country to the United States, turn on your VPN app and connect to the U.S. server.

Go back to the App Store and check for HBO Max to install it.

After you have installed HBO Max, sign up and make the requisite payment formalities. Since you're using the payment method of the Apple App Store, HBO Max won't check for a US credit card.

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