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Apental Calc App is a free Android application that can help you add comments and likes to your Facebook posts. Nowadays, getting comments and likes is harder, particularly when no one knows you or few knows you, but they might not be interested in your posts. Social media like Facebook make people looking good famous because they have certain rating features (comments & likes) that people consider to be popular. More likes & comments mean that you're more famous than people who get less like you. We know it sounds funny, but that's what it's all about.

If you're not a good looking guy or girl and you're on Facebook, then you know what we're talking about here. Well if you're one of those who always compares likes & comments with others on Facebook's Social Site, then the Apental Calc app will do magic for you.

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It's a free Auto Liker tool that can automatically generate custom Likes & Comments on your post from random but original Facebook accounts. You can get as many as you want and make the comments you like without letting your friends know. If they check who liked your article, they'll end up assuming that the likes and comments are genuine.

Well in this post, we're talking about the Apental Calc app and we're giving you the link to download the new version for free. And later, we'll even help you install it carefully on your phone and get started with it. So if you're interested in getting free Likes & Comments on your Facebook posts, then read the full article. Now let's get started now!

Apental Calc App Review

The Apental Team has been able to create this great app that lets you get free & unlimited Likes & Comments on Facebook posts. And the best part is that it doesn't let other users know that likes & comments have been created by a tool. Since it uses actual Facebook accounts that are Live & run by real human beings, it just does magic and automatically delivers loads of feedback and likes to post as per user's path. Unlike other auto-liker software, the Apental Calc app works 100 percent, but you need to use it on your Android phone and enter your Facebook username & password to log in.

You can also get unlimited Likes & Comments on any form of post on your Facebook account using this free tool. If it's an updated profile post or you've just added your latest photo, you can create custom likes & comments for it.

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Facebook specifically tests this form of activity and automatically bans an account that uses software to create fake likes & comments. But you don't have to think about the ban problem with the Apental Calc app.

In addition, the Apental Calc App has a basic UI interface that has recently been revised. Also few minor improvements have been made to the new update, and its creator has also removed all irritating Advertisements and supported links. And now it operates quicker, easier, and more reliably, likes and comments on Facebook posts. Overall, if you're asking us to suggest the best auto-like tool for Facebook, we'd recommend the Apental Calc App because of the many advantages of this tool.

Now before we share the download link for this free premium tool, we want to show you the details of the file. We also recommend that you read it carefully. However it will help you search the app and you'll be able to download the original app safely.

File Information:

  • Name: Apental Calc
  • APK Size: 3.9 Mb
  • Version: 2.52 (latest)
  • Publisher: Apental Team
  • Type: Tool
  • Android Requires: 4.0 and Up
  • Last Updated: 9 January 2020

How to Download

The Software has never been downloaded from a third-party website, i.e. Mediafire, huh? If that's the case, we can help with that. But before that, we'd like to recommend that you turn off or deactivate all the anti-virus software or features you use on your devices. Since it can cause issues, and the software can be blocked from installing. We'll talk about it in depth later; for now just follow the steps below.

  • Click here or on the above link to visit the Download page for downloading the Apental Calc app.
  • Click on the Download button to request the App file.
  • After a few seconds, the Mediafire server will automatically send the file to your browser.
  • In case if the server doesn’t send the file, you will get a short link on the page to right away start downloading.
  • Once you receive the download request, verify it first by using the above file information and then accept the request.
  • After that, wait till it gets completely downloaded on your phone.

The tool size is quite small and it will barely take 2 minutes to get completely downloaded on your phone. So, now you’ve got the Apental Calc app on your phone. Let me help you with the installation and then we will guide you to start using it.

How Install and Start Using It

The most challenging part is to install the Apental Calc software, as it's an advanced application and includes several codes that may trigger problems when installing it on Android. Your Android may block it because of those codes in the app. Still, we will try to help you install it on your phone safely. And for that, you've just got to follow every step we've given below. Make sure you follow the full steps so you can easily get started with the app.

  • First, trigger the Settings>Security unknown source. It supports the installation of third-party applications on Android phones.
  • Deactivate the Play Store App Play Protect Scanner. Go to Play Store>tap icon>Click on Protect Play>Click on the icon>get toggle and make sure the toggle is off.
  • Select Apental Calc to the download directory and Find. That is what the installer opens it up.
  • Click and wait for your phone to load the install button. When the installation is complete, you will receive a confirmation note.
  • When the application is installed, the installer is locked. Now you are able to use the Apental Calc app on your tablet. Let me support you to make successful use of it.

Start the application.

It will seek permissions at first, i.e. Memory, message. Memory. Enable the process to proceed.

The default Facebook login page will then be loaded. You will have to enter your username & password for Facebook in this window. You can rely on it and use this tool safely.

Upon registration, upload a new photo where unlimited liking and commentary will be received. Click the Edit button once uploaded.

You will see the Unlimited Comments & likes option when you click on the edit button. Click it to continue, therefore.

Enter the number of people you want on the photo in the empty box and click on the next button.

Enter the number of observations you want on this picture in the next window. Click the continue button after that.

Finally select the uploaded image visibility. To test it first, select the private option; otherwise, leave it to the public by default. Once the visibility settings have been completed, just tap the publish button.

You will slowly begin to receive random comments from people you do not know in a few seconds after you publish it. It goes on until the target is finished. You are going to get comments such as Nice, Look cool, etc. This is what it is.

Note: This type of tool is contrary to Facebook's privacy policy for increasing likes and comments on posts. So use this at your own risk, if anything happens to your account, we will not be responsible. But on your secondary account, you can try it for security.

We hoped that this article was considered worth reading? If so in the comments below we would like to hear your opinions. Also, make sure you leave the question below if you still have any questions.

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