PUGB Mobile 0.18.0 MOD + OBB Data | (Antiban + Wall Hack + Unlimited UC + No Recoil)

PUBG Mobile has gained enormous popularity among teenagers recently. Using our PUBG Mod Apk to get Unlimited UC and Combat Points on your game account. You'll also have the features of target bot and wallhack.


  • Unlimited UC
  • Unlimited Battle Points
  • Wallhack
  • Automatic aiming
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Rapid-fire abilities
  • No recoil in place
  • No fog within the game
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • PUBG MOBILE Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

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You would have to be able to see the enemies through walls and objects (cars, buildings, trees, etc.) by triggering the PUBG hack. Even on the radar, the enemies are shown, so you'll know where your enemies are on the map.

To not get yourself noticed, just be careful when using this wallhack. It is less dangerous than a target, as it is almost impossible to detect. Unless you keep firing enemies through the walls, of course. That will get you disqualified from the game of course. But you can get far in this game if you play it smart, without anyone knowing that you are using a hack.

UC unlimited

"Unknown Currency" stands for UC. In the game, it is the primary currency. In the game, you can use UC to buy different cosmetic products. The only way to get to Pubg UC is to buy them for real money. Besides our PUBG mod APK, there's no other way. In just a couple of minutes, you can get virtually unlimited UC on your game account. Use them in every fight to purchase all your favorite skins and impress your friends or enemies.

BP unlimited

One of the currencies used in the game is Combat Points. After every match you play, you get them. The amount of battle points you earn depends on the number of kills, how long you have lasted in the game, and the amount of damage you have done. On your cosmetic appearance, you can invest them. You can change the color of your hair, hairstyle, skin color, costumes, etc.

You can get unlimited combat points with our PUBG MOBILE Hack, so you can enjoy the game at its full potential. Just imagine, on your game account, getting infinite combat points. You can buy any skin that you like and show it off to your mates. As having your favorite skin will boost your abilities, the gameplay would certainly be better.


I am sure every player in a shooter game has heard the phrase "auto-aim" from the good old Counter-Strike game. This hack does what's meant by its name. You're going to self-shoot" the enemy, even if you don't spot him. Our hack behaves like a real human player, because if he is behind a wall or a tree, he won't shoot at the enemy. That way, the other players won't cause any bad signals, so you won't lose any reports.

An significant thing to remember is that this hack is only going to work with guns, not auto-targeting with grenades or something else. Also by triggering this mode, you will not have unlimited ammunition. You can easily destroy at least 15-20 enemies in any match if you are careful. It's not risky to use our Pubg mod apk. A effective method of not getting monitored by pubg servers has been established.

Why Use Hack for PUBG MOBILE?

On Android and iOS, PUBG MOBILE is now one of the most played games. So I have to believe that this game is being played by a lot of your peers.

Did you ever want to be the best player among your mates at PUBG? Well you should probably take into account the option of using a hack if the answer is yes. I mean, it really isn't a bad thing if you do it for fun. Only invite some mates of yours to play a match. Get rid of the grass, trees and fog by triggering the hack, so you'll have a better chance of destroying your enemies.

The auto-aim option can be triggered if you want to be more offensive. Or you can use this PUBG Smartphone hack just to get infinite combat points if you don't want to cheat in the match. You can show your mates all of the ultimate skins. Yet if your objective is to play with random people and become one of the best players in the game, use this hack thoroughly. Otherwise you could be mentioned by the other players.

How To Download Free PUBG Mobile Mode

  • First thing first, click here to download the MOD and Obb files (You can try this link if first one didnt work for you)
  • Then after it download successfully, the download the game here


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