How To Create Fake WhatsApp Chat


For all contact across the globe, Whatsapp has been the number 1 messenger. I'm going to share some methods in this article on how to create fake WhatsApp chat for both Android phones and iPhones.

WhatsApp has rapidly become the world's most common electronic communication application for text and speech. WhatsApp, which specializes in cross-platform electronic communication, may be a free service that enables users to easily connect between mobile and desktop devices.

I share fake WhatsApp chat techniques below for both Android and iPhone, and at the end of this article I also added 1 bonus gift below for you how to create fake WhatsApp chat online.

There are several Android apps that allow us to create fake Android chats for WhatsApp. I 'm sharing one of the best Android apps that helps us to build fake Android chat conversations.

With several apps or through some online resources, we can easily create fake WhatsApp conversations. Let's try out some fake chat generator apps from WhatsApp.

1. Fake Chat Conversations

The result of his app pretends to be Whatsapp Chat and pranks your friends by sharing the screenshot of the pretend WhatsApp conversations created by this mistreatment. Move the picture of your profile, write as many chat messages as you want to amaze your friends.

This software is an associate program used to create pretend conversations. It's also used to joke with your mates to make them think that you're actually talking. You are going to create pretend conversations and edit every detail. You will generate a screenshot and send it to your friends once you have finished making the pretend voice contact. A funny scene between your friends is created by Whatsapp Fake Talk.


  • Fake profile
  • Fake messages
  • Fake calls
  • Fake WhatsApp chat creator
  • Fake new emoji support

2. Fake Chat Maker - WhatsMock

Create pretend talk interviews and trick your friends. Fake Chat enables you to create and share authentic mocks of chat conversations with your friends. Build contacts and voice communication with What s Prank and rejoice with your friends and family.


  • Add fake status
  • All emoji support
  • Create a fake profile
  • Fake call
  • Image, Video, and Audio support
  • List of call logs
  • Take screenshot and share
  • Fake WhatsApp chat creator

3. Create Fake WhatsChatConversation

You can change the context, profile name, profile picture, and even edit the length of your fake audio using our App Fake Chat Maker, and then just have a screenshot to amaze everyone! All the new emojis have full support and you can even simulate a call or a video call.

You can build a fake conversation with anyone you want. You can easily design fake chats on the screen and edit every detail. Just grab the screen and post it after you finish editing the chat.


  • Fake WhatsApp chat creator
  • Full emoji support
  • Send fake Conversation
  • Create fake chats with anyone
  • Control both sides of the conversation
  • Easy to make fake chat
  • Make foolish anyone
  • Create a Fake Profile

For iPhone user you can simple use the following App because there are several iPhone apps that allow you to build fake WhatsApp chats on the iPhone. I'm sharing one of the best iPhone apps that will help you to create fake iPhone chat conversations.

With several apps or through some online resources, we can easily create fake WhatsApp conversations. Let's try out some fake chat generator apps from WhatsApp.

  • Fake Chat and Prank – Joker
  • Fake Funny WhatsApp Chat

+ Plus

This online tool creates fake WhatsApp conversations. This is an instrument that is really beneficial. It has many features, such as fake applications from WhatsApp.

For those who want to make fake Whatsapp chats, it is a bonus gift. Fake Whatsapp Chat Creator Service Online Visit this online tool here. I personally use this fake Whatsapp chat tool. It provides me with high quality results.

With all of the above techniques, you can carefully build WhatsApp fake chat conversation. By using any of these methods, you can also create a fake Whatsapp group chat generator. There are some special strategies in this article that I have written. There are several other ways to create fake Whatsapp chats, but it is very quick and easy to use these methods.

The Conclusion:

I hope this article is something you want. This is going to be very helpful for you on how to establish fake chat with Whatsapp. After reading this post, I hope all your questions will be answered. Keep tuned for more awesome content coming up.

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