Here's How You Can Access Control Panel in Windows 10 (20H2)


Way back in 2015, Microsoft promised that Windows 10 Settings will eventually supersede control panel, but the control panel remains a really important a part of the OS .

Ever since the launch of metro-themed Windows 8 users have had to handle two separate ways to manage settings. One is that the control panel, which is predicated on Microsoft’s legacy components and Win32, and therefore the other is that the new modern PC Settings, which is sweet enough for personalization.

With Windows 10 October 2020 Update, which is now rolling bent users, Microsoft is killing off Control Panel’s System page. If you right-click ‘This PC’ shortcut and open Properties, Windows will now direct you to the Settings app.

This is not an enormous deal, but it’s believed that Microsoft is taking steps to deal with the disparity and retire the control panel, in lieu of the fashionable alternative.

Microsoft said that it'll replace the System applet on top of things Panel with the fashionable Settings app, but it seems that Microsoft remains unable to urge obviate the legacy components completely.

Microsoft hasn’t removed the control panel System applet yet and it’s still integrated into Windows 10. In fact, you'll bypass the forced redirection to the fashionable Settings app and access the System applet in control Panel again.

To access the old classic Control Panel-based Properties menu in Windows 10 version 20H2, follow these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel via Start Menu or Windows Search.
  2. In Control Panel, click on the address bar.
  3. Type ‘System’ and press enter but don’t select the suggested pages in the address bar.

Or you also can paste “Control Panel\System and Security\System” within the address bar to access the legacy menu.

If you manually navigate to regulate Panel and click on on ‘System’, Microsoft will open the Settings app instead, but you'll access the old legacy menu by following the above steps.

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Apparently, there’s no easy way for Microsoft to get rid of all the legacy components. For now, the corporate is merely trying to cover legacy options to streamline the settings experience.

In fact, it’s very likely that we’ll see more control panel pages departure in favour of the fashionable replacements. However, Microsoft isn't getting to remove the pages completely and these tricks will always work.

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