The Best Software for Recovering Lost Data on Your Phone.

From photos to SMS, there are many important files you'll lose on your smartphone in any number of scenarios. Luckily, there's software out there which will assist you a minimum of plan to recover lost files, and that we have the simplest picks—regardless of if you employ Android or iPhone.

While there are a couple of Android-only apps you'll install to recover data that way, we focused on cross-platform software options in order that iOS devices can reap the advantages also. You’ll install these programs on your computer, then connect your phone to your computer via a cable and run the scan. And so as to possess the simplest chance at success, you ought to stop using the device you lost files on immediately until you get access to the present software. Otherwise, you risk partially or fully overwriting your files, rendering them permanently irretrievable.

Though you would possibly get lucky and recover everything with one among these programs, there's never a guarantee that’ll always (or ever) be the case. The software are some things you ought to use as a final resort after you’ve tried everything else you'll consider to urge your files back.

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Also, while we vetted these products, we can’t vouch for any others. If you opt to use a special product, remember that they'll be spammy or malicious, or access and use your data during a way you'd not authorize. This is often especially likely for several free options, for what it’s worth, as paid options for this sort of software are usually moreso on the up and up.

What to Look for in Data Recovery Software.

The goal of those programs is to assist you revisit lost data, and that they all work just about an equivalent way. However, some offer wider compatibility and have more features than others, so it’s worth taking a flash to find out about what to expect:

  • Device Compatibility: Most of those applications work on both Android and iOS, but a couple of only support one platform. Android devices tend to possess more options available to them, as they're less locked-down than Apple devices. Likewise, most are only available for Windows, but we found two which will be installed on macOS. make certain to verify compatibility between your devices and therefore the program you’re curious about before purchasing it.
  • File Compatibility: the simplest smartphone data recovery software can handle a good sort of file types, like photos, videos, music, notes, documents, mobile bookmarks, reminders, call logs, chats, messages, and message attachments. Few programs are capable of checking out all of those , and most just specialise in simpler things like media, messages, and call logs.
  • Scan & Recovery Speed: These programs typically add three parts—the initial scan, the preview, and therefore the recovery. Unfortunately, speed isn't an indicator of how effective a program are going to be at finding or fully recovering your lost files, so simply because your program completed its scan super fast (or, alternatively, took several minutes or hours) doesn’t mean it'll achieve success in recouping all of your lost files. Some programs do run faster than others, however, which may only help soothe any anxieties you'll have over expecting the software to run.
  • Ease of Use: Because data recovery software isn’t the sort of thing you employ a day , and since you’re using it while feeling stressed over losing important files, it should be easy to use. Programs with a clean intuitive interface, or with a wizard to guide you thru the method , go an extended thanks to making the recovery process less stressful. they ought to also make it easy to access support resources if you would like .
  • Technical Support Access: this sort of software should definitely have many options for helping you employ or troubleshoot it. Ideally, it’ll have built-in help options also as a knowledgebase and FAQs on the developer’s website and how to contact actual customer support agents.


EaseUS MobiSaver has recovery software for both Android (for $39.95) and iOS (for $59.95). It are often installed on PCs running Windows XP and above. From there, just connect your phone to your computer with a cable, specify the folder on your computer you would like to store the recovered files in, then preview and detect the files you would like to urge back. 

The files will then be recovered, and therefore the software will provide you with real-time updates because it goes. There also are free versions of the software for Android and iOS, though with limits on what proportion you'll scan and recover, but a free option may be a good place to start out , because it might do exactly what you would like .

For Android, the program can recover data lost via device failure, accidental deletion, rooting, SD card issues, viruses, and improper handling. It can rescue lost contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, music, notes, documents, and voice memos. Lost contacts are often exported as SCV, HTML, and VCF formats.

The iPhone version can recover an equivalent sorts of files also as chats, call history, reminders, calendar events, and Safari bookmarks. It can recover data lost by deletion, device damage, a failed jailbreak, system crash, viruses, OS update failures, and user error. MobiSaver can recover data off your iOS device also as from iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup. It works on iPhones as old because the iPhone 3GS, iPads as old because the original iPad with Retina display, and therefore the iPod touch 4, 5, and 6.

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Dr. fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone has options for both Android ($39.95 per annum , or $49.95 for lifetime access) and iOS ($59.95 per annum , or $69.95 for lifetime access). The brand was the primary to release data recovery software for iPhones and Android devices to to audience over eight years ago. The three-step data recovery software are often installed on either Windows computers (running a minimum of Windows XP) or Macs (running a minimum of MacOS 10.8).

The Android version claims it can recover all data types, regardless of how you lost it. it's compatible with over 6,000 Android devices, including those by Google, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, and Xiaomi, as long as they’re running Android 2.1 or higher.

The iPhone version may be a little more robust, luckily. It can recover all of an equivalent sorts of files because the version for Android can, no matter how the info loss scenario. However, it also can scan for and recover files on your iTunes and iCloud accounts additionally to your device. Dr.Fone can run on iPhone 4 or newer, all kinds of iPads, and iPod touch 4 and 5. The iPhone version also allows you to preview data and choose what you would like to stay before recovering it, saving you time. Lost data are often restored right back on your device.


Jihosoft offers recovery software for Android ($49.95) and iOS ($59). The software works in three easy steps and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also boasts a particularly massive range of compatible devices and may be installed on either Windows and macOS computers.

The Android version can recover deleted contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio, chats, call logs, document files. It can look for and recover data caused by rooting errors, viruses, factory resets, crashes, ROM flashes, accidental deletion, and broken screens. It’s compatible with over 6,000 Android phones and tablets, with mission for each Android device running a minimum of Android 2.3.

For the iPhone, an equivalent sorts of files are often recovered, along side Safari data, reminders, notes, and calendar events caused by accidental deletion, broken or damaged device, failed OS update, or on a stolen or lost device. It can recover files directly on your device, along side those in your iCloud or iTunes Backup. Jihosoft supports literally any iOS device running a minimum of iOS 5, including old iPads and iPods (like the touch, Nano, Shuffle, Mini, and Classic).


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