How to Transfer WhatsApp Data Between iPhone And Android

Whether you have 2 iPhones or 2 Android smartphones, you can use iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer to transfer your Whatsapp messages between any smartphones you would like.

It also supports your social media data from LINE, Kid, Viber and WeChat, as well as seamless chat transfers among the two popular smartphone ecases. A major problem is faced by everyone who has moved from an iPhone to an Android Smartphone. You cannot transfer Whatsapp data from your iPhone to an Android smartphone or vice-versa, including chat, videos, media links and docs.

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And believe me, if your friend writes on Whatsapp on your new iPhone or Android smart phone, you don't want to be the one who asks "what's it." And believe me. Here is what you need to know in order to begin.

Whatsapp is a multi-stage process using iCareFone. While the process of transferring between different smartphone types is slightly different, I will share my experience in the transfer from Android to iPhone. To begin with, you must first connect your smartphones via USB cables to your laptop.

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You're going to be asked to do so if USB debugging is not ON on your Android device. Just take these steps. Now, if you have a pop-up that asks you to overwrite, after turning off the USB debugging, just "Yes." I was told to back up my talk on my own device. In the next stage I would like to make a backup.

The iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer collects and prepares the source file for transfer. In the meantime, I went on to the next step, the test. My phone and country code had to be verified. I received a 6-digit code after entering it successfully, and the process started after entering it. I was asked to log into my new device or "targeted" device as the software called it.

I hadn't done that for a few minutes. I must have logged in and click "Logged in" on my iPhone and started on the computer screen. In addition, you will be asked by the program to deactivate "Find my iPhone" in order to move forward.

My Cons

I liked the whole process to be simple and none of them confused me in spite of several steps. I didn't like anything about this particular software, but it should also be possible for the backup transfer to collect data from the cloud. This will simplify the process.

When you often switch phones, iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer is no brainer. It is a tool that is always used in your system. And as you frequently exchange phones, I 'd like you to choose the number of devices you can include for a customized plan. iCareFone is a simple, user friendly Whatsapp transfer tool that works without jokes, and honestly that is all about this superb tool that you need to know.

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