How to Hack Paid Android Games and Apps for Free.


This post is going to be beneficial for those that play games on their Android devices. So in this post, we'll mention how you'll hack any Android game. We'll offer you an entire guide to the subject. Since Android is the most used and popular OS, there are many games that you simply can play on this OS. Some are paid and a few are available for free of charge. However, there's no shortage of high-quality free games. In fact, a number of the free games are better than the paid ones.

Whatever the case could also be, games are something that we all love. These are blast killers once you are waiting at the airport, expecting the compilation of your codes, or simply relaxing and truly playing the sport. Multiplayer games are on their peak, because of the power to hitch and play with friends. However, one question may need crossed your mind, especially once we mention games.

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How can we hack any Android game? The answer to the present would help the players who are stuck at a particular level of a game. Besides, using this hack, you'd be ready to beat the high score of the game, gain a plus over other players, or maybe bypass the in-app store to get certain boosts for the games. Do of this sound tempting? Then persist with us till the end of this post. So, with none further ado, allow us to get straight into the article itself:

Note: We don't Support Hacking. The Post is for Information Purpose and personale use only.

Hacking Android Games Without Rooting

Let us get one thing out of the way. Yes, hacking an Android game is feasible. However, that depends on the layer of encryption and other security measures of every game. If developers of a game have put everything behind a secure layer, then hacking won't be possible. Moreover, with frequent updates and different system versions, hacking won't work for each game. On the positive side, there are many games that support hacking without the necessity to root on your phone.

Download Modded Game

One of the simplest things that you simply can do if you are doing not wish to root your phone and hack any game is by downloading a modded game. However, do note that downloading games from sources aside from Play Store should be thoroughly checked for viruses as there are high chances that it'd contain malware or harm your device.

If you've got kept this stuff in mind and have a trusted source, then you'll simply look for the game’s modded version from Google itself. one among the source that I personally prefer is AndroidPalace. There are other sources also that provide a mod version of games.

Until now, I even have not faced any issues after downloading apps and games from this source. By mod here I mean that you simply will have unlimited in-game resources. So, you'll do this one out. But plow ahead only at your own risk. And harm of injury to your phone, and that i will tease you.

Lucky Patcher

Now Lucky Patcher may be a patch application that allows you to create a mod version of any app or game on your phone. Note that if you've got a rooted Android device, then it gives you more options to patch the s. Without root also, this works well for many of the games. Simply grab the Lucky Patcher APK from here and follow the step below:

Install it on your phone like all normal app.

Run the app and you'll be presented with an inventory of applications and games.

Tap on the sport that you simply want to hack.

Then tap on the Open Menu of Patches option.

Then click on Create Modified Apk File option.

Press Launch and that’s it.

Some of the features of using Lucky Patches are that it removes ads, it helps you get unlimited coins, gems, and other game resources, allows you to access paid app/game for free of charge , you'll move games to SD Card, helps to form in-game purchases, etc.

Leo Playcard

An alternative to Lucky Patcher for non-rooted Android smartphones is Leo Playcard. This app also allows you to purchase in-game resources without having to truly buying it. it's the power to hack all the fashionable games, as long as you've got the newest version of the Leo Playcard. Notably, this is often differently of tricking the Google Play system. Follow the steps to hack the sport using Leo Playcard:

Download the newest version of the Leo Playcard.

Install it on your Android phone like all normal APK.

Once the installation is over click the Launch button.

Enable the Leo Playcard app by pressing the button within the interface.

Then minimize the Leo Playcard app and open the sport that you simply wish to hack.

Go to the in-game store and buy any resource, you'll be shown a Leo Playcard menu. Press the Hack button.

That’s it!

However, note that this won't work for each game and has its own limitations. There could be chances that this app won't work entirely. So, confirm to stay a note of this.

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Hacking Android Games On Rooted Phone

Game Guardian

Now if you've got a rooted phone, your best bet would be to travel for Lucky Patcher or Game Guardian. The latter may be a much-preferred option because the app is usually updated, meaning that new games are continuously added to its support list. But a bit like the other hacking app, Game Guardian also has its limitations.

To give you an summary, Game Guardian is an app alternator or hack tool which will assist you to switch in-game resources like HP, BP, gems, coins, etc. It supports ARM, x64, and x86 devices. It even supports emulators like LDPlayer, Droid4X, MOMO, KOPlayer, Andy, Memu, Leapdroid, AMIDuOS, Windroye, RemixOS, PhoenixOS, AVD, Genymotion, Nox, BlueStacks, etc.

Here may be a simple guide that you simply can follow to form Game Guardian assist you hack any Android game:

Download the newest version of Game Guardian from here.

Install the app on your Android phone sort of a normal app.

Make sure that you simply have enabled installation from unknown sources enabled from Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Once the installation is completed, minimize the app.

Open any game that you simply wish to hack.

You will see an overlay of the sport Guardian app thereon game.

Then if you recognize the values then tap on the Search button and enter the values.

If you are doing not know the values then enter 0.

Values here mean the amount of gems, coins, or HP that you simply have within the game.

You can change the worth by knowing the worth and increasing it with any number.

That’s it!

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Game Killer

Another trusted alternative to hack any Android game on a rooted phone is Game Killer. However, a bit like Game Guardian, here you furthermore may got to remember the in-game resource value that you simply wish to extend . for instance , if you've got health 80, then confirm to recollect this counter as you're required to edit the counter with number 80 only.

  • Download the Game Killer app on your rooted Android phone.
  • Install and grant access from SuperSu.
  • Open Game Killer and run it within the background.
  • Open the sport that you simply wish to hack.
  • A floating icon of Game Killer are going to be visible.
  • Search for the worth that represents health, coin, or in-game resource.
  • Once found, tap thereon and edit it to vary it to whatever number you would like .

That’s it!


So, there you've got it from my side during this post. Notably, there's a high possibility that these hacking apps won't work with some games. As game-developers are constantly improving the encryption layer with every update. this suggests that if this works then you're lucky. Also, we might advise you to first check these apps on a non-rooted Android phone.

If nothing works, then at your own risk, go ahead, root your phone and use the apps to hack any game. However, we might advise you to not root your phone if it's under warranty period for the sake of just a couple of coins or gems. Rooting has its own advantages, but the caveats are more superior. It includes bricking of your phone, permanent damage, boot loop, and lots of more.

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