Here's What Will Make You Change A Smartphone


Nowadays, the mobile performs so many roles for both personal and business needs that it’s hard not to become dependent on one to move through life. Sometimes this dependency becomes a problem, however, as technology advances so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with new systems and devices. You can find apps that fail more often, iOS upgrades are not consistent with your device and you will not be able to download new apps if your mobile gets old.

Before you invest in an update, it is important to determine what you really need in a smartphone. Even if technology tends to evolve at a fast rate, as compared with the standard, a smartphone does not change as much. Tweaking is typically artistic – font sizes and styles may change with the overall phone size, color and characteristics.

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There are no valid reasons to make hundreds of dollars a new model if you are happy with your devices. If you just want to use a mobile to collect information, take pictures, make mobile calls and emails, browse the site, and play some games, your smartphone does not have to be updated for years.

Here’s what will make change your smartphone

Getting Slower

We all hate waiting, and it's a frustration thing to switch on your smartphone and you need to await a minutes for it to start. Or what about when the device takes an extended time to respond after a call when trying to browse? 

It lags and sometimes it also freezes. App crashes became more frequent and playing games on your smartphone is not any longer a pleasant experience.

Horrible, right?

All of the above situations are literally the results of a slow android phone. Our smartphones tend to urge slower because the time passes by. And there are often a spread of reasons behind it (if you ask why).

Whatever the reason you have, this will be reason to change your device, believe me nobody who is urgently got to do a task with his smartphone need to wait a minutes before it get started.

Your Device Version is Out of date

If the mobile vendor declines to issue an upgrade to your device, it is a simple indication that the device needs to be upgraded. An old device is more vulnerable to threats when you miss software patches and applications that you most need. 

And with an Android version and patch fractured market which doesn't happen because the OEM haven't approved its publication. When we are in security times for unassisted models, it's like trying to beat your butt.

Battery Issues

The battery has a certain lifetime in any electronic device. The more you use it, the more it lost life. It's a clear sign if the battery is down, you're going to change the battery, but it's better just to buy new phone if you have reached this point.


This might seen trivial to some, except for many of us this may be an honest enough reason aim to replace smartphone. 

There’s an honest reason why smartphones are resulting in the extinction of digital cameras. It might be that your phone’s lens was scratched or bumped at some point, which may affect the standard of your photos and videos.

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Out of Storage

I'm a guy who loves big space in droid, you can go to the mall and purchase a new mobile if you've run out of space on your device. You can save images, videos or load more software if you run out of storage by stretching the internal memory of the device or actually cleaning and removing files and programs that you do not need or used (which I hate that shit).

Honestly many or a lot can lead to smartphone replacement without the above mention reason but to be honest on my view those are what will definitely make you change your smartphone.

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