How to Install the XAPK File on Android | Simple Steps


XAPK file is a modern file format that allows to compact massive APK files into smaller sizes that can be downloaded and viewed without any problems. Play Store has certain limitations when it comes to uploading files, Google has limited the Play Store Applications and Games size to 100 MB. This doesn't mean that developers can only build apps up to 100 MB, but anything above this small scale, developers need to construct certain extra files, such as OBB, cache properties, icons or other graphics data. These extra files are accessed directly from the Play Store as you do so.

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If you are installing software from 3rd party websites, even if the file size is very high, you would have a combined application kit (.apk) + OBB data file. These huge files which be exposed and compromised that wastes your data and time to find a fresh and accurate APK+OBB file. The solution is .xapk file containing all data for a good installation and operation of a computer.

XAPK is a file extension format that is a simple zip format that allows all data connected to the software to be stored in a single file for fast download. With X code, you can install huge apps directly on your Android-supported devices without any problems. You don't need to import separate APK and OBB files for your favorite applications, the x package is enough to install the software along with all the tools you need.

How to Install XAPK File?

Make sure to enabled unknown sources in Android settings. To this, simple go to Settings-Security- and the tap on Unknown Sources.

Below are the best ways to install XAPK files

Using 3rd Party Installer

  • APKPure is a well-known platform for Android App hosting. You may have a website of the same name. The APKPure App can be downloaded and the Xapk file taped on. The Software itself will handle the remainder of the process. The APKPure Software removes the data dynamically from your.xapk file and then loads the Software on your Android computer. No files are required that may result in installation errors if they are performed improperly.
  • Uptodown is similar to XAPK or APKPure Software installer. It scans the device's whole APK and XAPKs. All you need to do is tap the.xapk file to load the X file and the Uptodown will remove the file and launch the Program.

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XAPK Installer

The X Installer is a simple app that works for you. It scans all of the .apk and .xapk files on Android. The software immediately extracts the .obb data file and stores it in the desired spot. Then downloads the APK update, so you don't need to think about some Android kit or .obb update bug. The software can search all of the available files on droid and help install the same files. But essentially, the x installer can do the same thing for xapk files as the apk installer does for apk files.

  • It will Scan and preview all .apk file on your smartphone.
  • Delete or install APKs automatically

Manually Renaming The File Extension

  • Once you download the xapk file, open the File Manager App.
  • Navigate the .XAPK file and then rename the extension to .zip
  • After that download and install RAR from Google Play Store.
  • In RAR Application navigate the .zip file and extract the files (Unzip).
  • Now copy the .obb file which may be like com.gamexxxxx.obb into the preferred location; /sdcard/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.gamexxxxx/
  • Then Install the APK and the Application will automatically get the resource from the obb data file and work as plan.

How to Fix XAPK Validation Failed?

If you see this error when trying to open any game or App than all you need is to grant all the permissions to the App. To this, simple go to Settings - App/App Manager - Locate the App/Game - Grant All the Permissions to the App/Game.

Wipe all the tabs and reopen it again, the issue will be solved instantly.


With the XAPK package, you can import large Android files in a compressed format and mount them on your mobile Phone without any error or complications. XAPK direct installation files may not be enabled in any older version of Android, so you need to use the manual method of downloading the software.

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