Survey Time Review - Do You Really Get Paid in Minutes?

The online survey must be one of the most worrying ways to earn extra bucks. When you're not looking for a good panel for ages, you won't start out if you're ten minutes old. It takes months for the money you have won to finally get your pockets. It takes ages to find a good study panel which actually fulfills their basic promise as with any other way of making money online. And that's why I've been very glad to find SurveyTime.

In the world of surveys, they’re new player. Introduced by, a new ad-tech company with partnership with market research giants such as Toluna, Nielsen, SSI and others, this panel was launched in 2018. It would be adequate to make it easier for you to think about legitimacy.

Yet let's dissect the panel and find out more about it instead of drawing conclusions. Then, together we'll decide if your time is worth it.

How Does It Work?

  • The basic model is very simple on Survey Time. There are three steps ahead of you:
  • You need to spend a few minutes on signing up and completing your profile.
  • Complete surveys as they come in. You are in for some fun here.
  • Collect your payment immediately, as soon as you submit your answers.

It can hardly be any easier. There are many surveys waiting to be carried out as far as I see (as well as many other U.S. users). Obviously, from time to time they would run out. But all you have to do when that comes a little later is come back.

It took me about seven minutes to complete the profile survey. In addition to the normal demographic issues, such as household income, level of education, employment status, mathematical problems were also quite basic. So many of them are left if a child has four marbles and loses one? They ought not to worry you, as you can see. They should only filter out bots there, probably.

As for the surveys themselves, a short questionnaire with one or two questions will be provided before you enter any of them. This should not worry you at any rate, as it takes 5 seconds literally to get past these

How Much Cash Will I Get (and When)?

It is more interesting here. Unlike most of its rivals, Survey Time charges for all their surveys – just $1. Think again if you don't think that much. This dollar may often be a bonus for a survey of 10 minutes. You 're going to do it another time in just one or two minutes. But rather than speculating, let's do some math. Tell you to receive four surveys, every 15 minutes to complete.

That is $4 an hour, and you should be happy that you receive it for your zilch effort. (The average time you have been using your website is 10-15 minutes, very rarely more than that.) Survey users do not earn much over $0.50 an hour, on average.

And if you get just two or three surveys a day, this is a monthly $40-$ 60 extra cash – enough to pay for those awesome hoodies that you have been wearing for weeks.

And best of all, you can send the dollar immediately and directly to your PayPal account. No strings and no minimum cancelation amount attached! You only need to check your telephone number (probably for security reasons) and wait just 2 or 3 minutes.

Hint 1

You will get questions that may seem close to one another to some degree via the initial screening questionnaire preceeding each survey. Recall that you still have to speak honestly. Everything else can flag your profile. For almost all survey panels this screening method is normal. It allows the algorithm to submit surveys that suit your demography more or less exactly. And Survey Time is one of the best panels of information in this way.

Hint 2

Surveys on a desktop are excellent, but surveys on your mobile or tablet can also be used. You will not have to download yet another program to strain your brain. The website is 100% mobile sensitive. Just log in and dig in on your computer, as you normally would! No technical difficulties should be experienced.

Hint 3

For new surveys, you can also visit the website. However, there are more seamless ways to stay in touch. You can select e-mails or even text messages to let you know when new opportunities for earning are in progress.

What did user says about

Frankly, I was delighted to see such a strong TrustPilot survey line. The average rating is four to five stars with over 200 user feedback, sounding like music to my ears. In addition, 62 percent of all users found it to be outstanding.

What's so fun for these users? Three main reasons exist: efficiency of payouts, fun and appropriate surveys, and ease of use. Nothing can fight this. Nothing.

No system is 100 percent accurate, so let's see what the poor reviews talk of. There are two major complaint groups: fewer surveys than elsewhere and no obvious reason for flagging accounts.

As for the former, I tested the platform and did not believe the surveys were lacking. Naturally, it is far from an endless stream of cash waiting to pocket. (if that were the case, I would sit down right now on a cocktail beach rather than write the review!) But you will be very pleased with the normal number of surveys when you are careful and diligent. This is not about telling the angry liars of those consumers.

I don’t doubt what they say; I just think it depends on their location and demographic category.

The second key concern, the termination of accounts, must also be provided with a salt kernel. Who's to say the users didn't break any rules? So far as I have seen, you have to respond dishonestly (which goes against your previous ones) in order to get your account flagged. Or try opening several accounts. Scroll through Tip # 1 and be careful when entering your personal information in order to avoid this problem.

What We Like About Survey Time

PayPal is their best pal. And honestly, it should be yours too. It’s one of the most efficient ways of getting payments online, and it’s also mega useful if you shop online frequently (or need to send money to your kid within minutes).

There are nice alternatives to PayPal, if you prefer gift cards. And those gift cards are the best there are: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Decathlon. So, if you frequently shop there, your wallet is in for a bit of relief. In other countries, gift cards might be different – depending on local circumstances.

Payouts are super fast and there’s no threshold! If you have spent at least some time on taking surveys online, you are likely aware of the most annoying (and sadly, most common) fact: payouts may take days, weeks, or even months. No such issues here – every dollar you earn will hit your PayPal balance within minutes.

Each survey pays exactly the same. $1 flat doesn’t seem like a lot of cash, but you will often earn it in just a minute or two. And even if it takes longer, it’s still a huge pro because most other survey panels have pretty fuzzy and unstable ways of compensation. And yes, most other sites pay in cents rather than dollars.

Tired of being kicked out in the middle of a survey due to (in)eligibility? That won’t happen a lot with Survey Time. With them, the screener survey actually does what it’s supposed to do. At least most of the time.

There are literally no geographical restrictions. Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a member. That is not to say that all users will have equal opportunities and earning potential. Still, it’s nice to have a panel that doesn’t automatically favor American, Canadian, or U.K. residents.

It is hands down one of the simplest survey sites out there. Even if you’ve never been near a survey panel or aren’t even acquainted with that way of making money, you will get it all in just a few minutes. The site is modern and intuitive, so you don’t have to spend 15 minutes in finding your way around it


I can honestly say after trying this panel that in the past few years, it was one of the biggest surprises. It's not fine, but there's never anything. And they are a young business from what I have seen that gives me the expectation of continuing to improve and solve problems and give us the best experience.

Meanwhile, please sign up and start earning. This is a legit panel that will not make you give your sensitive details. However, the panels out there are better and more powerful. Go ahead and get some money for fun


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