How to Skyrocket Sales With AI-Powered Email Marketing Campaigns

However small or big, companies are currently operating in digital marketing powered by data. This contributes to one of the best-known and most successful types called email marketing. Over the years, it has seen tremendous growth.

Research shows that 91% of e-mail users communicate frequently as active users. And there will be an increase in the number of these exchanges in the coming years.

And what's the next big move? Marketers now begin to exploit growth by using artificial intelligence or AI to maximize this process. This poses the question, what is E-Mail Marketing driven by AI and how does this benefit sales?

I'll discuss artificial intelligence (AI) research more closely via this blog. How it applies to email marketing and how AI campaigns improve the engagement, distribution and sales of clients.

Here’s What to Know about AI-Powered Email Marketing

AI encompasses many technologies that help computers perform complex cognitive tasks. The term Artificial Intelligence ( AI). Such innovations now have a profound impact on employment and success in marketing.

AI technology is something more than automated technology. This analyzes major datasets, but not just numbers are crunched. We draw insights from the results, which are then used to forecast, suggest and determine, using sophisticated techniques and computational firepower.

This very methodology is built for your email campaign with AI-enhanced email marketing as an additional boost. It also produces more positive results. Take a look at a recent survey by Statista.

It reveals a 41.29% improvement rate for the AI-powered campaigns alone. The number of AI powered tools made available by different brands fulfills much of this success:

  • Write email subject lines
  • Optimize send times
  • Clean email lists
  • Create automatic email newsletters and more

This automation of marketing helps to achieve a higher conversion rate, including personalization and data processing. This makes AI an important component to update email marketing strategies.

How AI Email Campaigns Increase Sales

Engaging subscribers

An e-mail survey shows that approximately 62 percent think AI use has an immense effect on user interaction. The findings of this research are very high. In particular, B2B companies will track and communicate closely with the use of AI in subscribers' interactions.

It also includes structured subject sheets. In order to write improved topic lines more efficiently than humans, AI tools are used to implement NLG or natural language output. By mastering the brand voice and personality from data you use, this optimization is achieved. As a result, the user experience is directly influenced.

Around 47% of users open an email depending on the sounds of the subject. Fortunately, AI has a better chance of attracting the interest of the user in the process of curating personalized subject lines. Then, clicking levels and customer conversion are increased.


The individualization of your e-mails is a clever way to understand your subscribers' different behaviour. A survey shows that customizable e-mail subject lines are opened at 6 times higher transaction rates, with 26 percent more chances.

That's why email marketing needs to be personalized. AI lets you give your subscribers personalized content via the historical data inspection to assess the right time and frequency.

Marketers may for example suggest, promote and incorporate products unique to a client's wishes through the use of AI.

Custom emails will significantly impact sales growth. They also increase the open rate and click rate.

Take the brand Cosabella, for example. You have used this very AI personalization strategy to improve your sales without promotional discounts for your goods. With the Emarsys AI platform they increased the open email rate by 4% and total email turnover by 60%.

Compared to the previous year, the brand also reported sales growth of 40 to 60 percent. Courtney Connell, Cosabella's marketing director, explains how the new program has helped Cosabella to exploit high-performances data.

The Increasing in Revenue and the Decreasing in Costs

As IA-enabled tools increase open rates and click rates, they also affect email revenue. Therefore, email marketing strategies yield better outcomes.

Since the AI platform 'Phrasee' for writing automatic email subject lines, a case study on Virgin Holidays indicates an immense rise in revenues. Virgin knew that AI could write better, but doubted that the brand's fun and quirky tone would be delivered.

The concerns were easily eliminated following a 2% rise in the open rate of Virgin Holidays. A increase worth millions in new profits. The company's leading Saul Lopes, CX, CRM, and Loyalty praised the tool to produce sales of several million for the product.

We can see how AI-driven email marketing campaigns have a huge effect on revenue. But there it does not stop. It does not stop. Since AI-powered tools make email marketing campaigns faster, easer and better, by reducing time spent on marketing initiatives, they cut costs for your business.


You 're wrong, if you assume a client would buy on the first visit! Research shows that only about 2% of consumers purchase the first time. Here is where AI enters the picture.

AI will decide when and where an e-mail should be put. As the customer often leaves items unbought in a cart, AI tools can inform you about items and send an email to the customer. It encourages clients to study and conclude the agreement.

The benefit of AI is that the patterns or information can be detected unnoticed and used for better results. Nonetheless, the audience needs to understand and use the right resources.

  • Seventh sense
  • Drift email
  • Phrasee


AI is a powerful tool that can lead the marketing campaigns in the right direction, recognizing its limits for the correct application. Ultimately, AI-backed marketing has a tremendous potential not only to boost email marketing but also to reinforce other online strategies.

In the end, AI has paved the way for future development. Nonetheless, despite its rapid impact in the increasing capitalist economy, do you think that advertisers use AI excessively? This is a matter of much debate. Please let us know your opinion!

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