How To Reset/Unlock Windows Login Password

Have you forgotten and shut out your Windows password? And this can happen to almost anybody who using computer at a daily basis. When you regularly change your computer password you will probably forget the password you used to encrypt and secure your machine once in a while.

While computer experts suggest changing your password each month so that you can protect your computer's privacy and protection, it may be a bit frustrating because it would be a huge job to remember those passwords.

But don't worry because we have countless solutions to fix this issue. It's not the end of your system to lose your own Windows login code. You don't even have to reinstall the operating system because it might do further harm to your machine by removing all the valuable data and software that was saved before you locked it.

We will show a few ways to unlock your computer without losing data in this tutorial. In fact, to retrieve your password you won't even need to install something. These techniques are absolutely harmless for novice and intermediate computer users to try to incorporate. So, go ahead and learn how to reestablish the Windows authentication password and get your machine back on track.

Note that we'll be using Windows 8 as an example but this application works in any version of Windows

Windows Password Mate is a UUkeys program to restore Windows 7 login and administrative password recovery applications. It operates on all machines in Windows models and on all laptops and servers. You should reset your password to the highest consistency for both the local and admin password, ensuring that this tool does not remove all the info. Unlock the password for Windows 7 using the following procedure.

Here's How Process Works

  • Download the program from another computer and save the file on a desired location.
  • Insert an empty USB flash drive possibly with more than 1GB storage
  • Launch the software and choose the USB flash drive name from the drop down menu and click on “Begin Burning”.

  • When the burning process is completed, simply take the bootable flash drive and insert it on the locked computer.

  • The computer will automatically load the files from the USB flash drive and you only have to select the operating system and the username that is presently locked out

  • Click on “Reset password” followed by “Reboot”.
  • That’s all. You can now login to your computer without using any password at all.


There is also a clear proof that every locked Windows 7 , 8 and Windows 10 device can be unlocked by Windows Password Mate. How powerful a password you use for your computer can be removed and lost, and you can easily access a computer with a Uukeys Windows Password Recovery. You can also uninstall any password. If you have a problem, don't forget to contact dedicated resources to get help for a issue early on.

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