Best Android Custom ROMs For 2020

So you have a smartphone and you have recently started to hate the user interface. What now? Okay, now is the time to go into the custom ROM universe.

Whether because of delayed updates by OEMs or lack of them, custom ROMs have always been the best option for Android users. As well as being available for updates and version changes, lots of personalization are much needed for custom ROMs.

We can’t possibly stress enough about the tweakable nature of the ever-improving Android platform. Nevertheless, custom ROMs can provide an entire new dimension to the customizable prowess of Google’s open sourced mobile platform.

Do note that you will have to know your way in unlocking bootloaders, flashing custom recoveries and flashing custom ROMs. If you're among such sets, some (or almost all) of those listed would be quite recognizable.

AospExtended (AEX ROM)

Today, AEX seems to have always been my main choice when you blast a custom ROM on an Android smartphone. AospExtended custom ROM has never brought regret with several apps I have used over the years. As the name suggests, AEX is AOSP based on a variety of extensions.

This top Android Custom ROM has always been an enthusiast with more than 1.3 million downloads (both official and unofficial) since late 2017. Most amazing, AEX ROM has most things you might like Navbar tweaks, gestures, software, etc. Stability is therefore rarely a concern. Add a smooth butter user interface and fun themes and fonts to this.

Resurrection Remix (RR ROM)

Okay, say hello to one of Kings of the Android Custom ROM World's top level customization. For nearly equivalent to any of the ROMs we mentioned below, Resurrection Remix has been here. RR has never been able to persuade me with its complete settings menu to adapt Android to your hearts content as it started to evolve in the early days of Android 4.0. This is definitely worthwhile. Moreover, if all engineering teams make every effort to remain a step ahead.

AOSP, LineageOS, SlimRoms and Paranoid Android apps are picked and cherry-borrowed by RR Rom. In addition , the project creation team Resurrection Remix brings even more fun. All the jam-packed material can also jeopardize stability. However, I beg to differ in my usage. I am now at the top of my chart.

Lineage OS (LOS ROM)

Since CynogenMod's cessation in 2016, LineageOS took the center of stage and is not looking back ever since. Lineage OS is a CynagenMod ROM 's replacement throughout its current period. Perhaps virtually all of the best ROM lists you guys saw LOS will stand at the top and also for a good reason. This most famous Android custom ROM only builds on the amount of users and downloads it has obtained over the years. In particular, Lineage OS will most likely provide all other ROMs with a source creation. Stability is a basis, with Google's own Android Stock as a user interface.

Image: XDA-Developers

Furthermore, customization options reach a little further than Stock Android offerings, but are still not significantly listed compared to other Custom ROMs on this list. You may have been conscious that it is not at the normal top of all custom ROM rankings. To be sure, when it comes to Android ROMs personalization is not everything. However, in the Android Custom ROM environment it plays a notable role.

Havoc OS

Up until the first update with Android Oreo, Havoc OS was unheard. The distinctive aspect of the Havoc OS Custom ROM is its rich and smooth buttery experience. Currently, Havoc is the only ROM in addition to Resurrect Remix, which exists solely to move the adaptability bar to a whole new level. In stability or in a dynamic interaction with the ROM, all of this is without compromise.

Throughout the original times, the Havoc team concentrated on making the user's friendly experience the best of both worlds as much as possible. Now the Havoc OS project brings new features that catch the attention of all other developers in the custom ROM area, and things are very much different. Every now and then I prefer to move individually to HavocOS.


The Custom ROM is now here, and never misses its objective. Arrow OS provides the least possible flexibility, unlike the customer ROMs mentioned. This AOSP-based ROM thus focuses heavily on stability and battery life while providing an overall smooth butter experience. Still, less doesn't actually mean anything, as ROM developers have chosen the right things to personalize the app for minimalist users.

In addition, you can allow additional customization options through the arrow experience Magisk Module. In general, we strongly recommend you try this ROM – especially if you are someone who only wants to update security promptly and who will spend less time tweaking your phone.


This is our chart, then. As we pointed out earlier, it is very difficult to choose the best custom ROM like most other things. And it could prove amazing to you what didn't work for me. However, you should not be concerned because there is a lot of people to choose from to suit your preferences. Eventually, you can check at the XDA Forums and see what works and what user reviews. This is highly recommended. Certainly, ROM developers and maintainers play a very important role for your individual devices. Have fun flashing.

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